Facebook celebrated its 10th Birthday on 4th Feb 2014

Our most used and loved social media website today, Facebook has turned 10 on 4th February 2014. Facebook is no doubt one of the most used social hangouts today, and we all love it so much that we tend to access it again and again, and also using our mobile devices.

It you have been with Facebook all those years, then you know how far it had come since 2004. So give the following website a visit and refresh your memories of the old time. I wasn’t the one of those early people who created their profile back in 2004 but I am certainly with Facebook for a long time now.

Gradually from the simple and plain looking portal, Facebook turned into something catchy. With time, it rolled over several features like NotificationsNews Feed,Timeline (which not everyone liked it) and Graph Search etc. At least there is something which is clear; Facebook has been able to hold the interest of the users for 10 years today.

Via the Cnet news, you can refresh your old memories and see how dis the Facebook look when new. The website also lets you see the gradual transition of the portal from plain looking website to something that is liked by millions of people today. Catch the journey of Facebook in pictures at the below link.

facebook in 2004


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