Firefox OS — planning a $25 Firefox OS smartphone

The Mobile World Congress is in full swing, and one of the major trends we’ve seen so far is the rise of the affordable smartphone. Much attention has been given to Mozilla’s Firefox OS phones, which seem to be winning people over thanks to their low price point and decent user experience, and also to Nokia, which is using Google’s Android OS for its X phone family – a seemingly awkward fit for a company that’s so heavily associated with Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

  Two years at MWC I took a one-on-one meeting with a incredibly energetic American developer from Mozilla and spent the next 45-minuntes trying to pretend I understand what he was talking about. Fast forward two years to MWC 2014 and you have a $25 dollar smartphone running a Firefox OS and today I’m equally mystified, but this time only as to how Mozilla has managed to pull it off. I got to spend some time with the cheap phone – here’s the $25 Firefox smartphone hands-on review.

With these features and specs, no one's going to be tossing out their Galaxies, iPhones, or Lumias, however, if Mozilla can create a smartphone that works reasonably well for $25, then feature phones will get much closer to being completely phased out in emerging markets.

For $25, would you buy one of these bad boys as your back-up smartphone? Or maybe use them as party favors for a geek get-together?

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Anonymous said...

releasing dates plz?

Mypcservice said...

nokia getting destroyed in high end and middle end by andriod. in low end its going to be firefox. nokia going to be completely get destroyed.